A Special Ailineighdaeth Message

A Special Ailineighdaeth Message:

This year has been a difficult year for many. With so many trials going on around the world and at home, it can be difficult to remember the joys of life. While we cannot fix all the wrongs, we can help one another have an enjoyable holiday season. That's why this year the Haanta Series, together with the King Alasdair Foundation, is donating books to all those who are in need of a gift for the holiday season. We have donated over 100 books to our local charity drives and children's hospitals, and as an added turn to brighten the holidays, we are giving away free digital copies of all the books in the series. 

If you are not able to give someone a gift for the holidays this year for any reason, or know someone who would like to give others a gift but cannot, please send us a personal message here, detailing which books you would like and which email address you would like us to send it to.

Maith Ailineighdaeth & Happy Holidays!