Happy 54th birthday, Rautu!

Loves his birthday. And his party hat.
Today is Rautu's 54th birthday! 

He was never a fan of birthdays formally, as everyone has them and therefore they are to be regarded as arbitrary, but once he learned that he could get tribute in the way of chocolate and chocolate related items, he was disposed to like the day after all (even if one of those items is a poisoned cake from Martje).

He has already been given one dark chocolate butter crunch cake, one box of Lindor dark chocolate truffles, a nocciolato, a sriracha dark chocolate bar, and a 99% chocolate bar. The day is still young-- we'll see what other good things he collects! Thank you to everyone who sent something his way. He would thank you himself, but he is too busy sorting his trove into piles of what to eat now and what eat later. Thank you to Kai Linaa for the fabulous party hats and party straws!