Beryn's Mandolin by Studio Tolhurst

Every character in the series has their signature prop. Alasdair has his ring, Mureadh has his prayer beads, Adian and Adaoire have their pipes, but there is no prop so distinct as Beryn's mandolin. Made by his father and given to him when he was five years old, Beryn has kept his mandolin with him throughout his travels across Frewyn. Longtime friend and gifted engineer Noah Tolhurst, owner of Studio Tolhurst and maker of the famous King Thrushbeard Cigar Box Guitars, recreated the mandolin with exquisite precision, and I am infinitely thankful to him for such an unexceptionable piece.

If you would like to order your own mandolin, or if you would like to peruse the entire King Thrushbeard CBG collection, visit the Studio Tolhurst's page here.