The Haanta Series venerates Dr. Maya Angelou

Poet, author, journalist, activist, teacher: these are only some of the titles given to Maya Angelou during her reign as a literary pioneer. She was also a dancer, a singer, a cook, and a producer. She was born into a tumultuous family, was raped when she was eight years old, sustained shock for years after the incident and did not speak for much of the rest of her childhood. It was during this time that she cultivated a love of literature and an appreciation of art. Her teenage years were even more distressful, turning to prostitution to earn enough to raise her son. She moved through various cities, became a celebrated dancer, traveled with the opera, learned many languages, and became involved in the Civil Rights Movement. She became an editor and was encouraged by friends to write her life story, an autobiography which highlighted her transformation as a young woman. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings has become one of the greatest autobiographies in English Literature. It stands as a testament to woman's perseverance and strength against a world of hatred, violence, and ignorance, and while it was acclaimed, many felt it should be banned due to its graphic depictions of childhood abuse. The book, and indeed all her work, remains a cornerstone for many young academics and scholars. She furrowed an industry and a society, paving the way for so many young men and women, and while this world is the better for her generous contributions, the world is also a worse place for the lost of her.

"So many times I've had rainbows in my clouds," said she, in her last interview, and while there is a doubtless good that comes from sorrow, there is no good that can come from her absence. She will be desperately missed.