The Haanta Series challenges YOU to the #ALSicebucketchallenge!

We were challenged to do the ALS ice bucket challenge by reader, friend, and fellow author Dan Wright! We don't have the facilities to do the challenge, but we certainly can donate! Donations were made to the ALSA and to the CCS to honour the challenge-- but wait! Why is everyone pouring ice water over their heads? ALS is a debilitating and agonizing disease, and by pouring ice water over our bodies, we are trying to simulate what it would be like to feel the anguish and the immobility of someone stricken with ALS. So far over fifty million dollars has been raised for ALS research with the help of his challenge-- but it doesn't need to stop there! We challenge YOU-- all of our readers--to take the challenge and to donate to the ALSA. Crab Asaan took the hit-- so can you! Take the challenge, donate, and post your video!

Please make your donations to:  (or any charity of your choice)
If you would like to learn more about ALS:

Crab Asaan was rewarded for his bravery: his enemies corralled and baked for his evil delectation: