The #GloriousTwentyFifth: Donate to end Alzheimer's

Wear the lilac
May 25th is many things. In Frewyn, it the day that falls directly between King Alasdair and Queen Carrigh's birthdays. In Lucentia, it is the beginning of summer and Malsentisa. In our realm, it is Geek Pride Day, also Towel Day in honour of the late great Douglas Adams, and it is also the Glorious 25th, day which many Discworld fans know very well. That's why we're asking that this May 25th you help us in donating to the Alzheimer's Society in honour of Sir Terry's memory. We are so close to beating this horrible affliction, or embuggerance as Sir Terry called it, and with just a little more research and more funding, we're well on our way to ridding of this merciless illness for good. Below are links if you should like to donate:

Alzheimer's Society Canada
Alzheimer's Society UK
Alzheimer's Association US
The Alzheimer Society of Ireland