The Haanta Series venerates Carrie Fisher #RIPCarrieFisher #RIPPrincessLeia

I have been trying and failing miserably for the last few hours to get something together by way of a eulogy. This year has been a rage of misery for many reasons, and I had been used to think that if anyone would survive this carriage wreck of a year, it would be the Eternally Intrepid.

I have never been more sorry to be wrong.

We have all seen her films and read her books, and we have all delighted in her distinctive character and exquisite wit, and while she meant many things to millions of people, perhaps her most important legacy is her openness and candour about living with mental illness. She had often said she and Princess Leia were the same person, the same "sass-factory" as she liked to say, but more than being the rebel against an insidious Empire, she was a hero for everyone rapt in the silent agony of psychological warfare, and she approached the subject with such sincerity and yet such sarcasm that it helped those who will never know the anguish many suffer to sympathize and understand. She might have survived intergalactic turmoil a thousand times and come out victorious, but she triumphed against lifelong illness and became a Champion for the Human Condition, and we as citizens of the World Left Behind owe her gratitude immeasurable for her civic exhibition of valiancy. Her legacy is a standing lesson on how to live a fearless life, and the kindliness and generosity of an animous heart all the world's inheritance. 

Travel well, Princess heartsome and magnanimate The brightest light in the galaxy goes with you, and with it all my natural inclination to hope for good.