Favour of the Gods excerpt

Favour of the Gods will be out at the end of the month. For all those who have asked how to pronounce Aoidhe's name, see the excerpt from the book below:

This book is a work of fiction.
Several of the main characters depicted in a book are Gods. They are also a work of fiction even though they represent the deities of a religion which might or might not be fiction.

Go on way outta that. You know we ain’t fiction.
Aoidhe, can I please do the legal disclaimer without your entering into it?
Just sayin’ I ain’t made up, ain’t one o’ yer figments and such.

Any reference to historical events or real places-- and any place on the Two Continents-- are used fictitiously—

Wait a mite. Frewyn ain’t fictitious. I helped CREATE THE LAND and all.
I thought Menor was the one responsible for that.
Naw, he just made the mountains. The Aul’ Man made the land for our children, but we gotta maintain it. Sure our children plant the crop and reap the harvest, but I still gotta bless all the fields.
Yes. We are aware of how you bless things.
I got far reach.
May I please finish this so we can get to your story?
Aye. Still gonna jape you though, ‘cause I’m incorrigible.

All names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination—Yes, Aoidhe, I know-- and any resemblance to actual events, locales, persons, living, dead, or otherwise, is entirely coincidental.--

Livin’ dead or otherwise? What’s this about otherwise?
You and your divine family are neither living nor dead really.
Aye, but neither is anyone. None o’ yous really go away when you leave here. Yer body might be COMMITTED TO DUST and whatever else the Good Book says, but yer spirit is still around.
Sometimes I think you gave your children an Immortal Soul so you could plague them forever.
‘Course I did. What else am I gonna do for Eternity?

Absolutely no parts of this book, text or art, may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means, whether electronically or mechanically, including photocopying, audio recording, data retrieval, cloud storage, torrent, or streaming service. If you do decide to ignore this disclaimer and print or share this book illegally, Aoidhe, God of Justice, will be sent to smite you.

Naw, I ain’t gonna smite ‘em. Might jape ‘em a bit though.
Which is worse, I’m sure.
Depends how much they deserve to be japed.

For any inquiries, please visit the official Haanta Series website. For inquiries about the Frewyn Pantheon, please visit your local Frewyn Church.

Better tell ‘em.
Tell them what?
How to say may name so’s they can pray to me for a visit.
Maybe they do not want a visit from the God of Passion and Justice.
Fire too. Better tell ‘em, in case they need Aul’ Aoidhe for anythin’.
Ee-hye. There. Don’t blame me for the spelling. Blame Ault Fremhin Orthography laid down by those who wanted to switch to the Modern Common alphabet. Consequently: Reesh, Bo-ras, Meh-nor, Con-ree, Fin-nog Bru-ya, and Nee-ta. You will understand presently.