Here is the description of Rautu's home: Sanhedhran

The commander noticed the giant’s renewed hint of distress and obeyed his order without a dry word of disagreement. She followed him toward the sanded roads leading to the chief of the capital’s bustle. There were many intriguing sights to occupy her upon her arrival into the center of the island’s activity: an array of exquisite and colourful birds flurrying through the dense leaves of the trees and making odd coos as they fluttered about, strange long-haired goat-like creatures milling through the rare undergrowth, the soft and focused faces of the Haanta women passing her demure smiles and nods of civil greetings, the wild and varying eye colours of the island’s nation, the scent of spices and the sea, the repetitive rhythm of the nearby waves brooking the shore, the trilling voices of Haanta bards projecting their voices through the capital, the faint aroma of bread rising from the provisioner. The gentle salutation of Kodhanaas was laid in her direction. She had believed that she should have felt estranged and segregated in a land so dissimilar to her own but there was a tranquility and sense of inevitable peace here that would not be penetrated. The incessant song of the bards guided her path through the winding streets. Workplaces filled with good humour and high spirits left her in captivation but the object most entrancing was the disparity in size between the Haanta men and women: men were differing in stature, all of them dominant and gargantuan, yet their women were sleek and elegant and barely beyond her own height. The men dressed in light garments to reflect their station and the women seemed to be wrapped in ceremonial shawls, each of diverse sort and tied about their forms in ways not two the same.         

From the book:


  1. Sanhedhran is one of the most beautiful places in Haanta world :D I love the city, the culture, the Haanta people and their disciplined yet so fulfilling way of living :D I love the colours of the island, the good spirit and friendliness of it's people, the smell of air, the hymns of bards, the customs and celebrations, the idea of equality among all Haanta and their teachings about following your Mivaala and fulfilling your role in life :) I love sea breeze and evenings when the sun sets on the horizon :D I love so many things on Sanhedhran :) it just feels like home ^^

  2. What a beautiful place! I could feel it as I read it! :)


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