Haanta Birthday Cake - now with 100% more Rautu

What is better than having a birthday? Having a birthday cake with Rautu in the center and those who share the Haanta world around him. Thank you to Twisk for making this incredible drawing. Not only did she make Rautu with his signature super scowl but she also made everyone with party hats. There can be no birthday without party hats.


Left top down: Good King Alasdair, Khantara and the wren (complete with uber tiny hat), Mhardhosa, Bhaaldhena and Jhiaanta with Tomas Cuineill at the bottom sporting his combination bandana and hat.

Right top down: Unghaahi and Kai Linaa (with a hat on each ear), Otenohi wearing his hat in a precarious place, Obhantaa Leraa and Khaasta the cat with Mrs. Cuineill at the bottom.

On the cake: Den Asaan Rautu in his work-safe mode and Mr. Craw the Gull  (with his adorable little hat).


  1. HAHAHAHHAHAHA the bow in the middle HAHAHAHAHAHAH I'm dying of laughter here AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH


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