Haanta Lesson: What are Anonnaa?

What are Anonnaa?

According to the Haanta, Anonnaa, or honoured ones, are more than friends. They are people with whom one shares an unexplainable and affectionate bond. When in the presence of Anonnaa, the Haanta receive what they call Dhraaha, relief from their inbred rages. When Anonnaa are parted, they do their best to correspond with their loved ones every day and are reminded of their attatchement when they see rainbows, or Vhisthoha in the sky. Anonnaa can be anyone and anywhere. There is no limit to their bond. They are friends, mates, brothers, companions, and even animals like Mr. Craw the gull and Khaasta the cat.    

The Haanta do not celebrate birthdays but when they do feel the need to honour and celebrate their Anonnaa's achievements, there is no end to their munificence. Such is the bond I share with my Anonnaa and I hope everyone has the opportunity to find those who they could call the same. I have received more gifts and wishes for this birthday than I have for any other and I am eternally grateful for the boundless display of sentiment bestowed upon me.

Ghesturaas dan Anaalon (infinities of love)


  1. Anonnaa are the best thing in the world. With them you can withstand everything and overcome any difficulties, and even if it sounds naive, Anonnaa are happiness and joy and peace and calmness, love and laugh and chocolate and Phoraas, and they are your strenght - there are no other who will understand you the way your Anonnaa will, and the bond is so strong that even a moment apart hurts deeply somehow.
    I'm immensely grateful to the fate that I could find my Anonnaa, and at the moment I needed her most. A lot has changed from that time, everything's so much better :)

  2. Happy birthday FROM the future! :O


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